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An Immigrant, and a proud American citizen for more than 20 years, Marco Garcia doesn’t forget his roots and the struggles to make it in the United States, without forgetting the strong family values instilled in him. While he was bussing tables and washing dishes when he arrived, he proudly rose to become an executive head for almost a decade, at a large non-profit in Arizona. For the last three years, he has been an insurance broker. The core of his business is and always will be to serve others through the work that he does. That in gratitude for the many opportunities granted to him in this great land of the United States.

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Medicare can be complex and information can be hard to find. Let us help:

- Medicare benefits
- Premiums and cost shares
- Medicare Supplement and Advantage plan clarification
- Medicare plans, benefits, and pricing Medicaid/AHCCCS programs
- Social Security programs
- Medicare rules and enrollment periods
- Extra-help prescription program.


Find numerous resources in this section of the website for individuals and families:

- Quote individual and family plans Dental
- Accident, and Critical Care Coverage
- Get healthcare reform updates
- Resources for the un-insurable
- Medicaid/AHCCCS information
- Alternative to ACA Plans, pricing and benefits Short Term Medical Plans

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